Service leadership creates enthusiasm

Spedimax offers the best service in the sector. And the transport comes free of charge. In order to be able to achieve this, the three Spedimax Managing Directors have built up their own unique corporate structure. This guarantees our customers proactive and efficient support, and makes it easy for our employees, to build up a special proximity to the business partners.


Innovations in service and transport technology are consistently being implemented, with a great deal of dedication – so we are continually expanding our service leadership. Because for us, it is not about fulfilling expectations, but exceeding them. That is the claim, that has made us a sector benchmark in terms of service over the years.

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Holzer. Ebner. Hopelessly service oriented. The enthusiasm for a sector which provides people with what they need on a daily basis. The willingness to give everything for a good relationship with our customers. The reliability that is needed to be able to consistently make the right decisions, internally and externally. All of this brought us together in 1997.


The double management competence of Spedimax – the foundation of our success.


Michael Holzer – Management, sales, fleet, finances, markteting, purchasing and IT

Herbert Ebner – Management, customer service, fleet management and Human Resources


We are the service leader, because we know: others can get cars on the road too, but a transport that really runs perfectly is worth more. That is why we react quicker than the others, proactively provide our customers with information, and work more reliably. And that handled flawlessly and in the shortest possible time.


We give the maximum service. Since our founding and also in the future. Every day. Especially for our customers, partners and employees.



Things that are something special elsewhere, are standard for us. Such as the fact that the HGV corresponds to the requirements for loading safety, the transport is subject to constant monitoring with status supervision, and the bill is right.


Our sliding tarpaulin trailers, at a state of the art standard, drive safely and reliably in all directions, and between the following countries: Germany, Italy, Benelux, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. We primarily transport consumer goods and food, machinery and metal ware, forestry and paper products, which is why many vehicles are specially equipped with the JOLODA system.



Yes, the structure of our company is different. The result: our multicultural teams at all locations are given the time that they need, to be able to concentrate on their customer relationships. They are given further training, work on state of the art equipment, go on team trips, take excursions, celebrate – in short: at Spedimax, personalities are encouraged. For a pleasant, inspiring work environment, and long lasting, cordial partnerships with our customers and partners.


We take care of you and your transport – at three locations in Austria, Hungary and Poland.